Καλημέρα και Χριστός Ανέστη σε όλους.

Αύριο 17 /05/24, Παρασκευή, ξεκιναμε παλι το μαθημα εικαστικών, 18.00-20.00. 
 Παρακαλώ να εχετε μαζί σας το μπλοκ σας ,μολύβια, γόμα,χαρακα και γενικα οτι χρωματα εχετε.
Να είστε καλά! 🎨🖼🖍

As part of its cultural activities, the Cultural Center of Opus Atalanti offers painting classes for children.

Through exercises and activities that capture their interest, children understand the basic principles of design, colors, and their interactions. As they progress, they engage with techniques and artistic approaches that have emerged from schools and trends in painting throughout its history.

Over time, they develop their skills and unfold their talent by painting subjects that inspire them. The lessons are organized into thematic sections through which children learn the historical elements and significant painters who influenced each era and artistic style. More importantly, they perceive painting not just as a means of entertainment and fun but as an art that expresses the aesthetic concerns and expectations of each period.

The ultimate aim of this activity is to familiarize children with the world of visual arts and help them realize the impact of art on their lives.

Below, you can view the works of our students.Τomorrow, January 19, 2024, Friday, we resume art classes from 18:00 to 20:00. 

A non-profit organization with love for our municipality and culture. Culture is 

one of the most significant pillars of human society, and we believe that 

non-profit cultural organizations, such as ours, can be key entities that 

promote culture and contribute to its preservation and development.