Visual Poets Exhibit and Recite

Visual Poets Exhibit and Recite

Within the celebration of March, Poetry Month, the Circle of Poets and the Opus Atalanti Cultural Center organize in Atalanti, at their event hall on 19 Ethnikis Antistasis Street, on Saturday, March 23, 2019, at 7 p.m., an artistic event with the theme


"Visual Poets Exhibit and Recite"



The poets Nano Valaoritis, Konstantinos Bouras, Hero Nikopoulou, Lili Dina, Angelos Sakkis, Dinos Siotis, Stavros Stampoglis, Giannis Stefanakis, Kostis Triantafyllou, and Telemachos Chytiris will participate with their visual artworks. Additionally, three works by the recently departed Michalis Mitrakos will be exhibited, and the exhibition is dedicated to his memory.

Event Photos

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