Opus Atalanti Cultural Center

is a non-profit organization with a love for our municipality and culture. Culture is one of the most important pillars of human society, and we believe that non-profit cultural organizations, like ours, can serve as essential entities that promote culture and contribute to its preservation and development.


The purposes of the company are:
A) The cultural, intellectual, and social development of the city of Atalantι.
B) The promotion of the social, economic, cultural, and intellectual levels of its members and the residents of the wider Atalantι area. of the company as well as the residents of the broader Atalanti area.
C) The development of a spirit of social solidarity, cooperation, unity, and strengthening of relationships among the members of the company and the residents of Atalanta and the broader area, free from any form of factionalism, fanaticism, discord, racism, chauvinism, and selfishness, without exclusions and with respect for the diversity of individuals.
D) The promotion and showcasing of the city of Atalanti.
E) The preservation and conservation of elements of the traditional culture of the city of Atalanti.
F) The systematic contact, support, and close collaboration, as well as the utilization of the experiences of expatriates from the Atalanta area and their associations and organizations, within the framework of the purposes of this company.
G) The development, utilization, and promotion of intellectual, artistic, etc., strengths of the Atalanti area and the care for the cultivation, development, and promotion of modern forms of popular artistic expression.
H) The encouragement of the youth of the city of Atalanti to engage in culture, literature the arts, sports, professional orientation, and the issues that concern them.

Means of Achieving Objectives

The company strives to promote and achieve its statutory objectives through actions and means, including but not limited to the following:
1) Organizing events of scientific and social dialogue (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.).
2) Organizing events of artistic interest (art exhibitions, music evenings, theater, etc.).
3) Publishing and distributing printed materials, studies, works, research results, and policy proposals for the broader field.
4) Developing open dialogue and electronic consultation on all matters of interest to the company through its website.
5) Conducting any other legal and relevant activity that advances the purposes of the company.
6) Creating electronic, printed, and other means of communication.

Photos from the event venue

Where we are

Ethinis Antistaseos 19, Atalanti - Postal Code 352 00