Painting Exhibition: 'Enclosed Gardens'

Painting Exhibition: 'Enclosed Gardens'

From August 3rd to August 12th, we are delighted to host artworks from the exhibition 'Enclosed Gardens.' The exhibition venue will be open daily from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

The exhibition opening is on August 3, 2019, at 9:00 PM, and we would be delighted to see you there.


Angeliki Brisnóvali was born in Greece. She studied Fine Arts and Art History in the United States. She is an artist, and since 2000, she has been living on the island of Syros, working as a professor of Art & Design in the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering at the University of the Aegean, where she teaches Design & Color and Conceptual Design. She holds a degree in Painting and Art History from Pratt Institute in New York and a postgraduate diploma in Combined Media from Hunter College, NY.

Was a fellow of the Whitney Museum of American Art – Independent Study Program in New York and the Program of Hellenic Studies at the Department of Classics of Columbia University, NY. She travels extensively with the aim of developing themes related to nature and ecology in her work. During these journeys, she explores the social and physical ecology and the ways it is expressed through the geopolitical relationships of the people she encounters. The installations and performances she creates are based on these investigations, utilizing a combination of both new and traditional means of expression in art and design. In her recent paintings, she focuses on observing Greek nature, drawing inspiration exclusively from it. She captures the vibrancy of colors and patterns of the rich and rare Greek flora as it combines with the distinctive Greek landscape in different seasons. She loves teaching ideation and visual thinking as an international visiting professor, as well as exhibiting her work worldwide. Her artworks are part of private collections and institutional collections in America and Europe. She is exhibiting for the first time in Atalanti, and this makes her happy.

A few words about the exhibition:

The theme of the exhibition 'Enclosed Gardens' is based on the concept of paradise and the natural wonders of the Greek land. The word 'paradise' enters the Greek language in the 4th century BCE, thanks to Xenophon. Upon returning from his travels in Persia, he Hellenized the Persian word 'pairidaeza' (enclosed garden), creating the word 'paradise' and thus incorporating into the Greek language the notion referring to idyllic gardens protected by walls.

The paintings in this exhibition form a collection of images inspired by the Greek natural landscape, incorporating various botanical themes. The 'wonders' associated with small and larger plants and botanical formations in the Greek land serve as a perpetual inspiration in my artistic practice. Through the medium of painting, the goal is to convey the creation of a sense of an earthly paradise.

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